Monday, 30 May 2011

Maps of what we have done so far

I'm just sitting in the tent looking out at the horses that have spent the last ten minutes racing around their field bucking and immensely enjoying themselves - let nobody say I overwork my horses on this trip :o)

Here are the maps of what we have done so far and then there are a few days along the Pennine Bridleway. We'll be leaving it by Sedbergh to go over to the Lake District.

Days 1 & 2, 47 miles
We did about 20 on the first day and camped in a field and spent the second night at Lluest Horse and Pony Trust.

Days 3 - 7, 46 miles
The first day of this part, we only went about 7 miles and camped out in the Brecon Beacons, then there was a very wet day with 21 miles and another short one of only about 8

Days 7 - 10, 34 miles
Here we had the lovely "outdoor shower" and a day off

Days 10 - 13, 58 miles

Days 13 - 17, 45 miles

Days 17 - 19 and onto the Pennine Bridleway, 37 miles

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