Monday, 6 June 2011

Up to day 31

Due to the late hour and the need for sleep, it is going to be a rather short entry again with more pictures than stories. I hope you like it anyway - or more? :o)

Maybe this is due to my bad research before setting off, but we came to the northern end of the Mary Townely Loop on the Pennine Bridleway, at which time it should have continued upwards, but it for some reason did not. There was a Bridleway with a different name and a couple of miles later I did see one sign with the acorn that had marked the Pennine Bridleway in the past, but it was not even clear which direction it was in. We followed the route for a while, but I became totally fed up with it when it eventually turned off right - away from where we should have been heading - and the map also did not show its continuation for long and especially not clearly.

Thus I ended up tying the ponies to the gate for a while as I got out the computer in order to plan the further route on small roads again. That started off fine, but a moment later, I got a message saying I had buy more credit for the dongle. No problem; I got out the credit card and clicked on "buy more credit". Finally managed to give all the details and then the website supposedly connected to the bank... and connected... and connected... to no avail... 15 minutes later it was still trying to connect, so I looked for the telephone number in order to call the company. It was an 0800, but I would have to pay as I was calling from a mobile. The apparently friendly man on the phone said he would call me back, but never did.

Somewhat frustrated, we went on with me doing real traditional map reading ont he GPS - who would have thought it possible?! We went through Haworth village, where the Brontes are from, did a little shopping in the next village and a little higher up the hill I decided I might get a slightly better connection to make that credit purchase and do my calculations. It worked and I had the route planned out and on the GPS in no more than 15 minutes, so we could set off again... after this little sight:

Now on our normal favourite small roads again, we are going to get to the Lake District tomorrow and are staying at a wonderful place again today. I have had a shower and am sleeping in a bed for the first time in about three weeks - what comfort and warmth! And Maggie is in a deep sleep next to the bed.

Here some images from the road taken in the laset few days:

And a view of the horses on their field a few nights ago:

And another nice place to be. We shared the field with ten sheep and their lambs:


  1. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare day to begin with! Glad it improved! Nice pics too :)

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I've rarely bothered to rely on a map, wherever I go... too frustrating. As long as I generally travel in the direction of my objective, I am content. However, I usually travel by "shanks mare" and never enjoyed the luxury of using horses. Preferred terrain pour moi is the mountains, forests and coastline of British Columbia.

    As I mentioned before, your journey intrigues me. Your photos are captivating and your writing style is smashing. Just remember, if everything was idyllic there would be no adventure. ;-)