Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 1

33.5km today from Beulah to a wonderfully enormous field just after Llanpumsaint, a little village about 7km north of Carmarthen. The horses will surely enjoy every bit they can possibly eat of the grass on the field and Maggie and I are in the tent having eaten and almost thinking about sleeping. Well, I am, she already is in a deep sleep.

There is even a great Internet connection for the netbook here and the second farm I asked at immediately directed me to this field - super, hope it continues like this... :o)

Just a little photo of today... one of our field in the morning as it was already too dark for good pics on arrival.


  1. Hey, i´m from Brazil, and a horse lover.
    We are following all your posts and your journey, we hope that everything goes well.
    I am preparing to conduct a long ride next year, here in Brazil,and i want to ask you a thing. Where did you bought this horse panniers? Thanks

  2. Hi Breno, thanks for your interestin the ride :o)
    Riding in Brazil sounds wonderful - I wish I could join you.
    The panniers come with the packsaddle and I got them from Custom Pack Rigging, a Canadian company. So far they are absolutely great and my pony, who normally doesn't like saddles, is taking it perfectly.
    Are you in touch with the LRG? They have a load of good info about the equipment.

  3. Fabulous pictures and you're travelling through parts of Wales that I've camped in. I adore Wales :D