Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Equipment Complete

Yippie, we've made it at last!
Just two and a half weeks before leaving time, the last major part of the equipment finally arrived on my doorstep: apparently the best pack saddle in the world by Custom Pack Rigging, fully adjustable to fit any horse and very robust. The normally very-saddle sensitive Dino even took it well and without any complaints. The saddle is now officially starting a 10-year test, in which it will be used by many different people, horses and ponies all over the world and in all kinds of climates.
Maggie has also kindly been given a dog backpack by RuffWear and will be able to carry her own water and food for the day. Artax will surely be happy about the tiny bit of weight he won't have to take.

As you can clearly see, we don't mind traffic, we enjoy it! Nothing like waiting in line with the cars at the traffic lights in the middle of town. :o)