Sunday, 22 May 2011

Days 13 - 16

These have been good days again.

Finally the much desired rain fell last night in large quantities, though I slept though most of it. I did wake up for about five minutes to hear it rain, but woke up in the morning thinking that had been all.

The riding area has not been especially nice lately. We have left Wales and the border area and are now well and truly in England and near big cities. People have changed somewhat, the cars on the roads tend to be big, new and shiny, the villages are quieter during the day because presumably everybody is at work and there has not been very much to look at.

The trip has gone well, though. On Thuraday morning I had a radio interview about the trip, which as exciting, and in the evening I managed to get a good field with sufficient grass in the village of Morten Corbet where there is the ruin of an old castle.

That evening I got visitors and did not spend my weekend alone as usual. Andy and Julien accompanied me for a while and made the whole trip funnier and made a welcome change. In the evening, we asked whether we could stay on the field behind a pub and were made extremely welcome.

The next day it was just Andy and me and we trekked all day until we got almost to Stafford and found a lovely farm with Hereford cattle, but there was nobody to be seen. They did, however, have a list of phone numbers on the door. I rang one of them and the very friendly man said we could stay, explained where the field was and what to be careful of and let us stay on his property without ever having seen us. It was a mysterious place with large trees, good grass and a special sort of look about it and we loved it to bits. It was a pity that there was nobody in the next day to say thank you.

Today has been good. We had to go through the very centre of Stone, which was fun and ended up at a nice horse stable in the country, where I am being very well looked after with a shower, washed clothes, horse food and a good place to charge up all the gadgets!


  1. Fabulous Lisa. I think you are so brave to actually do this. Enjoy hearing about it whilst I sit and fantasise about doing it. Lots of love Ruth x

  2. Thanks for your lovely posts Lisa. It really great to read about your trip. I also think you are very brave x

    I would love to do a long distance trip but not near traffic. Sadly many drivers are not considerate to horses.

    I wish you success, many friends along the way and a safe trip.