Friday, 28 January 2011

Little bit of training

Well, this is what we looked like today on a short training ride.
I think at the time we set off you can imagine me looking a bit warmer - or at least I hope so! - and Dino booted up, with a bit less tummy and of course carrying the luggage. Artax and Maggie shouldn't change much...
Hope the weather holds so we can keep up the good training work we started a few weeks ago, please, please, please!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Long Riders' Guild

I am also delighted to announce that our last Germany - Spain trip of around 1000 miles allowed us to become a member of The Long Riders' Guild, which is devoted to equine expeditions all over the planet.

I am very pleased that they are helping me in the planning stage now and thank them for their efforts!

Easyboots on Board!

Notice the shoes?

Hello again,

I'm keeping busy contacting lots of nice people and companies to see whether they are interested in the project and am delighted to announce that the UK distributor of EasyCare Inc. is on board!

As we have done for the last 15 years, we will be using Easyboots for the trip. Which model remains to be decided nearer the time.

My horses are, as always, barefoot. As so many studies have shown over the years it is just the healthiest thing you can do for your horse's hooves as they can expand while pacing and thus allow for a natural "suspension" - an effect that is totally impossible on a horse with metal shoes. In addition of course it is a lot safer than expecting an animal to be safe and not slip walking along a road with metal under its feet!

It would be great if more people became interested in alternative hoof care - which just happens to be a lot cheaper than having the farrier come every couple of months - and would be so much nicer for the horses!

Thank you, EasyCare Inc. and Trelawne Equine Ltd. for your interest and I look forward to seeing more horses with rubber boots instead of metal nailed to their feet :o)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Welcome to the first post on this page and thanks for stopping by.

After the Germany to Spain trip a few years ago, I had always said, I would like to do it again, just with slightly better organisation, probably alone and with slightly better equipment and more sensible packing.
Now, I am getting ready to do it again. The time seems right, I'm free, Artax is going to be 19 in a couple of months, so he can't wait forever and - having just returned to "my" country after living most of my life abroad - I should urgently improve my geographical knowledge. It's a pity it's winter and very cold and wet or I might just set off immediately. But it's a good time to get the ponies fit and hopefully find some sponsors who will be willing to support us and let us use their equipment.

I'll update as I have new information and go on from there.

Thanks for reading!