Friday, 25 February 2011

From Dazzy:

Hello there everybody,
I'm Dazzy.
Actually, I've seen my passport and found out that I'm really called Seva Dazzler, but for some reason nobody ever calls me that. It's strange, having such a double name is quite posh and I am a bit of a dazzler with my pretty face and my beautiful mane, don't you think? But enough of that, I don't want to sound like a girl! At least I don't have to wear make-up to be pretty like they do...
I've got great news! I've finally managed to persuade my Mum to take me on the biiiiig trip to Scotland and back together with my friends and Maggie. (I don't like Maggie very much, but psssssst don't tell anybody I said that, please! We're supposed to all be friends.) At first Mum thought it would be a bit complicated to go alone with the four of us, but I told her I'd be really good and not cause any trouble. She also thought I might have a bit of trouble because I just can't ever put on any weight, but I hope I'll be able to eat enough grass and oats on the way to keep a bit of fat on my ribs. I'll just munch faster and prove them all wrong! Yup, that's me, a bit stubborn. Little people have to be a bit stubborn or nobody takes us seriously...
Would you like to know a bit about me? I was born here in Wales and spent my first eight years doing close to nothing but eating and having fun on the field with my friends. Then my Mum came along and decided to take me to Germany with her. She said she didn't like how my hooves looked and wanted to do something about them. Have a look at the piccie, it's not very good, but maybe you can see I'd started walking on my heels and sticking my toes up in the air. It did feel a bit strange, but I'd just done it more and more in time so didn't think too much of it. A man came to do my hooves every three months, charged my owners for his work and so we all thought it had to be a good job. My Mum didn't like that very much!
I found some new friends when I got to Germany and met a really friendly donkey! He was soooo nice to me. And, you know what? My Mum suddenly came up with these BOOTS for me! She called them EasyBoots. I'd never heard of anything like them, let alone seen them or had them on my feet! My Mum said I needed them so I could go out for long walks with the big ones and she said they would be good if my laminitic hooves hurt a little bit at times. Here's a pic of me in my shoes for the first time, fashionable, aren't they? And they even have my size, which is very small! And they are soooooo comfortable. I love wearing them because then I can't feel any of the hard stones beneath my feet.
Do you know what my Mum did then? Well, besides making my hooves look better, which took almost a year till she was completely happy. She suddenly loaded us all up with baggage and started walking... and walking... and walking... and walking... My Mum said we were going to Spain... whatever that was... It was hard work, but quite interesting. We went to a different place very day. And every day it got hotter and drier. See me climbing up those rocks in my boots, and my friends in the distance? Now you couldn't do that in those horrible looking metal things some of my friends have nailed to their hooves. It looks so gruesome and flat metal on roads and rocks sounds horribly slippery, doesn't it? At least that's what my friends tell me. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, one day we stopped and didn't go on. We stayed in this place where there's hardly ever any fresh grass for three years. I quite liked the heat and it was very nice to rarely get wet in the rain :o) I didn't have laminitis again either!
Well, and then what happened? One day a lorry came to our village and we were put inside and the next thing I knew, I was back home again where I had grown up! These humans are strange! I don't know how it works... I spend two months walking every day to get to that hot and dry place and in just a few days I'm back home again.
Anyway, so Mum says we're going for one of those long walks again in a couple of months. We've already started training. Last Sunday we walked 25 miles and had a great time out! Mum says we'll be doing 25 to 30 miles every day once we leave! I love going with my friends and always want to be the fastest. They don't often let me, but I do pull every now and then just to make my point and show them I may be the smallest, but I'm still the strongest.
Do you know what's best about this?
Lucy, who brings all those pretty pony boots to Britain has said I can have new ones, too! Just think! I'm going on this walk and Lucy is going to give us some great new boots to show to everybody we see. Remember my name? I'm going to Dazzle everybody with my boots and hopefully I can persuade more people to let their ponies have them. They would be sooooo much more comfortable. Just ask me, I'll tell you anything you want to know. Have a look at this pic. They have told me that this company brings the boots from America and anybody who wants to be nice to their pony just has to speak to Lucy to find out where to get shoes. They have got a website just like me, so you'd better go and have a look at them. I hope there are more happy ponies like me soon... good luck friends! Persuade your humans and nag if necessary!

Friday, 18 February 2011

New Tent :o)

So, this is our new tent... Got it at a good price and it's really quite light weight. It's mid February now, it's quite cool outside and it's supposed to rain this evening and half the night, so we're going to test it today! If we don't get wet, I guess it will be suitable...
Next morning: Yup, that was great! It rained and was quite windy and we - Maggie and myself - stayed dry and cosy inside. It's a little tricky to use the doors in the rain, but I'll get used to it.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Little Dazzy is coming along

After spending some weeks of listening to him begging, I've finally given in and Dazzy will be coming along, too. He's a few weeks behind on training, but with his energy and stamina, that shouldn't be a problem.

Only thing with him is that he is difficult to keep well fed - yes, a thin Shetland Pony, it's hard to believe - so he will be getting lots of extra food in the near future to fatten him up a bit. Hopefully we'll find a lot to eat on the way. It's Britain, it rains, there should be plenty of grass and oats shouldn't be too difficult to come by either...