Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Long Riders' Guild

I am also delighted to announce that our last Germany - Spain trip of around 1000 miles allowed us to become a member of The Long Riders' Guild, which is devoted to equine expeditions all over the planet.

I am very pleased that they are helping me in the planning stage now and thank them for their efforts!


  1. Hey Lisa!
    Touring Britain by horse is a brilliant idea. There are plenty of places to discover!
    I expect a report and of course she should write a book about it. It will surely be better than the Germany - Spain trip!


  2. Hello Lisa ,wishing you and your boys all the best on the road .I rode/walked from Almuñecar,southern Spain, to Edinburgh(my hometown)back in the summer of 1983 ,no mobiles or anything but I did have the very first rubber Equiboots! We took the ferry at Santander to Plymouth then unloaded from the horsebox which had come over from Honiton.We then headed to Bath then over to the east coast and onwards North.Wonderful times .. Cars were our main danger,and there are way more vehicles now ,you take care, maybe carry a long cane with white flag when you ride narrow lanes ..If you ever make it to the south of spain look me up ,google "alpuequus" and there's my blog.Enjoy your ride!

  3. Hello Rachel,
    Thanks for your message. It's nice to hear of like minded people. :o) Your ride sounds like a nice adventure - you must have had quite a time in the Spanish summer getting enough food for the horses? I'll let you know if I get to the south of Spain. :o)

  4. Dear Liz

    wishing you a great trip with hopefully good weather and already looking forward to your stories ;-) Have fun!
    Love Anja