Saturday, 28 May 2011

Days 22 - 24

Here we are again and today I am actually doing just about exactly what I had imagined doing of an evening while using the computer, but have never done until now: sitting in a corner on the straw with the gadgets plugged in :o)
Having not been able to upload any sensible amount of pictures last time, here are some better ones, I hope. Today it's more about looking at pictures than reading. Just click on them to enlarge.
After that wet night, we barely managed to set off in the morning without getting wet while packing. The tent went in the pannier soaking wet, though I managed to cover everything else and only the stuff designed to get wet actually did.
Wonderfully, in the morning, I was invited in to have a very welcome shower - thank you! The last one had been a while before... and of course I didn't want to disturb people on passing them too closely :o) Okay, not that bad (at least that's what my nose tells me).
We have now been in the Peak District for a few days following the Pennine Bridleway. Or at least we were until this afternoon when it suddenly stopped at a road and there were no more signs to be found. A good search on the GPS showed me that it did indeed continue, but that we first had to go along a few roads and through a town before we got back on it. Supposedly those are the bits of the bridleway that they cannot promote because they include roads, so they just choose not to mark them at all?
Dino has developed a keen sense for his width with all baggage included and is negotiating the gets superbly. Artax, on the other hand, needs to be clearly guided so that he doesn't try to damage his baggage. He has unfortunately already torn a strap off his saddle bags, so I must see about getting a replacement in the near future or try out my sewing skills and hope they work.
The Peak District is really nice with some good paths to go along, luckily not quite as many gates in general as on the first day - though I am now walking 90%, which may be why I am not feeling them as much as I was when I had to get off and on every time something was in the way.
A few days ago, I intelligently sent part of Dino's harness that had not been needed and was just unnecessary weight - the bit to stop the saddle from slipping forward when going downhill - home with my parents... and, just imagine, with all the hills at the moment, his saddle moved horribly much yesterday. :o( Today it started off the same, so after 10km with a thick lead rope round his back and still a little movement, I decided to change pack horses. Artax got the pack saddle on for the first time and Dino got to take just the saddle and the small bags and seemed very happy while Artax didn't seem at all unhappy about having to take the pack saddle. He has got used to all sorts of crazy things in his life from pack bags to children and teenagers doing vaulting on him, so it would have been strange if he had complained.
It is amazing how much smaller everything seems when it is on big Artax! I think we will do the same again tomorrow, even if that means I cannot ride at all. Well, will make me fitter! :o)
One of the amazing things about the Pennine Bridelway - sorry if I sound like the total tourist I am - are these amazing equestrian crossings at roads. Just have a look at these pictures. In some places the buttons to press are even at horse height and you have to stretch to press them if you are walking at the time.
I think that is all again for how. Once again, please don't go looking for typos, I don't always manage to proofread. And many thanks to everybody for all your kind comments, which I alreays enjoy reading!
P.S. Notice how nicely Dazzy can just go on his own when there are no cars around? He is really well behaved and always stays close to his friends, but can take the opportunity to eat a bit on the way and then catch up. when we are about 50 feet away.


  1. Hello Lisa.

    Your photographs amaze me. Almost all photos I've seen from Britain are of historical sites and seascapes, plus bland pics via BBC.

    Now the interseting views you share excite and motivate me to actually visit your end of the world when I retire next year.

    Truly bored with city life,
    Ron in Vancouver

  2. Hello Ron,

    Thank you and glad you like the photos. Britain really is lovely and the best way to discover it seems to be by horse. But for somebody from your part of the world, it's probably not so very easy to impress, is it? I have thought of moving to Canada myself, but would probably never end up actually in a city.

    Count the days, a year will go by quickly :o)