Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Days 2, 3 & 4

Apart from a lot of rain yesterday (day 4), it has been absolutely awesome!

On day 2, we were met by a friend along the way, who brought us tea and biscuits which we enjoyed sitting inside a busstop while the ponies happily munched outside. Thanks Julien, great call that! :o)

We spent a lovely 2nd night at Lluest Horse and Pony Trust where we were wonderfully looked after and fed and then set off in the late morning planning to do quite a short day. What I didn't realise was that it was to be even shorter still as we entered a wild part of the Brecon Beacons National Park and were just so struck by the beauty of riding in such a wild area - we have sadly never done that before!

When we came to a picturesque little valley with a river running through it, it was decided - we were spending the night here! Thus the day ended at not even 3pm with the big ones in their paddock by the river and Dazzy a little higher up the hill overlooking everything.

The following morning started with showers, but we eventually managed to pack up everything between the various downpours, but got wet all day long with just little bits of sun in between.

After being sent on twice, we finally found a wonderful little farm where we have been made wonderfully welcome with the ponies getting good food and a field with vast amounts of lush grass for the night. Maggie and I slept in the house and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Many thanks! :o)


  1. wales is awful when it's wet!! I don't envy you that at all but I do envy your ride through the brecon beacons such a beautiful wild place to be especially on horseback. good luck with your journey I hope you see some better weather along the way. cheers Jackie P

  2. Waouuu, magnifique paysage. C'est presque aussi beau que mes montagnes de Haute-Savoie. Loin du bruit des villes, au milieu de grand espace, c'est magnifique.

  3. Hello to the 5 of you! I found your blog through Compassion in world Farming as a supporter and volunteer. You are doing an amazing thing, really inspiring!
    Are you going to pass close by Findhorn Bay up in Scotland? I would love to meet you and your friends and bring some food:)
    have a wonderful(and dry) day! Benedetta

  4. Best wishes, and lots of support from Devon.
    Sorry you aren't coming this way, we can provide food (graziing) for horses and food and bed for human and dog. Perhaps next time?
    Hope all goes well.

  5. I'm glad the trip is starting out so well. I had this trouble in the Brecons and simply didn't want to leave it as it was so beautiful.
    How are you powering your electric fence or are your ponies good enough to respect it?

    You've inspire me to get out and do a little training with my pony after nearly a year out of the saddle, so thank you :D

  6. Keep it up Lisa!! Ant

  7. Keeping up :o)
    The weather is being quite nice to us and we're having a well-earned day off today.
    Yarrow, glad to hear it, it's so nice when you have the time to get out
    The fence: mine are really good and respect it a lot, but I do switch on the electricity at night. It's a small unit that runs on two large batteries.

  8. Very nice landscape