Saturday, 9 July 2011

Easyboots after about 1300 miles

Thought you might want to see what boots can look like after between 1050 and 1300 miles of mostly road. All but four of the boots were already worn for a while before leaving home and had done a good 200 miles in order for me to see whether the gaiters would be suitable and not cause the ponies trouble. Just two of Artax's boots and two of Dino's were new right at the beginning of the trip.
Dazzy's are doing very well at the front, just the back boots are suffering quite a lot as he doesn't always pick his feet up properly - thus the missing toes on the back boots.
Artax's are wearing very well. He has done the most miles in his front gloves. The epics seem to be suffering a little because they are a tiny bit long for him and you can't just shorten the rubber at the back on Epics like you can on classic Easyboots, but he's doing well.
Dino's fit perfectly all round, not a single boot has ever fallen off on the trip no matter how the ground was. Not sure what he does with his back left hoof to make the biggest hole.

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  1. its great to see how much wear you can get out of these boots.