Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 64, 8th July

Rain rain rain, at least when I woke up and looked out of the window. Then again when I got the horses, then even more as I went into the house to get my things out and spent some time having a little breakfast hoping for it to stop... then we left in a little bit of rain, but soon realised that it was nothing serious any more and I took off my rain trousers and just kept the cape at the ready to go on and off as needed.
(a little tunnel for us to go through on the Manifold Track)

On the whole it was a good day with little showers lasting anything between a few seconds and five minutes, but never anything really wetting.

We went throught he centre of Stone again, which the ponies of course didn't mind and managed to stop off at a little shop to get a couple of things we needed. Maggie got a denta stick, which will hopefully do her teeth some good and make her breath a little fresher and the ponies could enjoy some grass next to the shop.
We made it to our destination again at just three o'clock. Or rather, we would have gone on to get a few more miles under our hooves, but the man who looked after the place was outside and took it for granted that we would stay, telling us straight away how to get to the field, so we changed our minds. Or, I should say, I changed my mind. The ponies and Maggie also took it extremely much for granted that we would stay.
This time we got to share the field with the Hereford cows and calves instead f just having them next to us, which gave the cattle a bit of amusement. They, especially one cow and calf seemed to find us exceedingly interesting and they all spent a long time with us and very near us while I took the tack off the ponies. Dazzy seemed a little worried about so many of them finding him very interesting and decided to stay close to his big friends, but Dino had no trouble telling them they should maybe keep a tiny bit more distance.
Thanks to a good Internet connection and a full battery, I could luckily spent the rest of the afternoon writing reports and updating the blog that had suffered for a while. Sorry about that, but there just wasn't a good connection.
Now the photos have been out of order, or rather, in the right order, but not always corresponding to the stories for a while, but unfortunately there hasn't been much to photograph for a few days due to bad weather or lack of nice views.

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