Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 59, 3rd July

A six o'clock get up again to a beautiful sunny day in the Peak District near Uppermill and Diggle. I packed up the luggage and was then able to go over to the house for a shower followed by a first class breakfast of several eggs scrambled, wholemeal bread, tomato and mushroom. Definitely a healthy way to start the day for somebody who would spend it actively. We set off at about ten o'clock planning to do yet another double day and get to Hayfield. The journey started off going along specially made paths along the edges of towns and then led up into the hills and around reservoirs with several views of Manchester. Time flew and we got on very well, passing the place we had spent the night on the way northwards at only about two in the afternoon. After that, we took some shortcuts to avoid places where the bridleway would mean a much longer route and got down to Hayfield at about six o'clock. The ponies clearly recognised the route where they knew it and had been very disappointed about not calling in at the same stable as on the way up and were equally unhappy about us taking another road in Hayfield, though it did ultimately take us to the same field, but from the other side.

They were happy to be back, I found a more or less flat spot for the tent, the owner of the field's little pony was happy to have Dino back as a neighbour as they had taken a great liking to each other the last time they had met and I was invited in for a tasty dinner of baked potatoe with butter, grated cheese and beams – yum!

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