Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 68, 12th July and Day 69, 13th July

We knew where we were going again, so there was no reason to rush in the morning despite the 22 miles ahead of us. From Craven Arms we went in a quite straight line southwards going through some little villages and through lots of pretty and slightly hilly countryside.

About two hours from out destination, we were met by our host for the night together with a couple of friends. Barrie did the kind taxi service by car, Coral came along to have a ride on Artax and Andy – that´s the one who you might have noticed riding in a photo from about week three – came along for the walk and a bit of ride himself. It was really nice to walk in company again after about seven weeks without! I still clearly prefer no company to bad company, but to walk along and be able to have a conversation on the way is really nice.
We were to stay at Andy´s place for two days to give the ponies a little bit of rest again and I was looking forward to a bit of time off and socialising again. We kept the ponies in the “garden” where there was plenty of long grass for them and they could be very close by. I slept in a beautiful luxury “gentleman´s” wagon... well, just look at the pics, no need for explanations. It´s for sale if somebody is interested. Andy makes the most beautiful wagons; all kinds of them from this little wagon to big bowtops, small traps and even shepherd´s huts and the latest project for a client – hold on! - is a toilet on wheels! Let me know if you are intested in any of his work.
We had a great evening sitting around the fire together with some of Andy´s friends. Amazingly it was the perfect barbecue for me with there being five veggies out of the seven people present. Such a nice surprise to get veggie burgers instead of an empty stomach :o)

The next day was just relaxing. I slept in a while longer in my nice cosy luxury bed and hung around reading, chatting, on the computer and meeting Andy´s friends. It was nice and really interesting. I´ve met and learnt so much about travellers on the way and have so much respect for their lifestyle. It´s such a pity that society in general seems to have got it so totally wrong and misunderstands these people just because they decide to not fulfil what is deemed “normal”.

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