Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 62, 6th July

(A view of beautiful Manchester)

A little bit of rain, sweet rain in the morning kept us comfortably inside having a long and tasty breakfast between packing the luggage and getting the horses ready. I am sure they were very happy about their extra time on the field with the sheep eating grass and regularly enjoying the sheep's vitamin/mineral bucket. I must check the ingredients of horse licks compared to cattle and sheep licks, but wouldn't mind betting they are close to identical, but at an amazing price difference.

Does anybody here know more?
We set off in the late morning, but I was not bothered by the time as we only planned to go a shortish distance down to Waterhouses and that by a slightly shorter route than on the way up north. First we went along a little road in the Dales, then had a few km of slightly busier road, but finally spent the rest of the day on the Manifold trail path and hardly saw another car for the rest of the afternoon.
In Waterhouses, I did actually try the local livery stable instead of where we had stayed last time. I was sure to have to camp where we were last time, but was hopeful I would at least be able to put the gear in a dry place for the night, but they unfortunately didn't have any field free for us. But we were made welcome when we went back to the same place and I was able to put our stuff in the garage and the lovely neighbour, who came over to say hello, took great care of Maggie and myself, invited us in and we had a lovely evening and night inside out of the rain, got strawberries and cream (heavenly!) and a lovely breakfast. And before that, for dinner, I couldn't stop myself from going to the local chippy with veggie chips that I had been looking forward to going to for a couple of weeks – yum again!

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