Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 32, 6th June

After a late night, I allowed myself to sleep half an hour longer in the morning and then got up to have breakfast – homemade bread rolls toasted – and get packed up to go. Despite the lie in and socialising in the morning, we still managed to get away before ten o'clock, quite amazing!

The day continued very well, we were on well-planned all small roads with hardly any traffic and entered the Lake District via Newby Bridge mid afternoon. There had already been some lovely views beforehand, but it was nice to actually be “inside”.
At just after five and a few miles from Hawkshead, we passed a farm and asked whether we could stay. They quickly said yes and got their pony in so that mine could use his field for the night.
They told me he should have had his hooves trimmed that morning, but the blacksmith had not turned up, so I was really pleased to be able to make myself and my tools useful by doing his hooves myself. Dan, the pony, looked a lot better afterwards and I suppose it was just bad luck to the unreliable blacksmith for not coming when he said he would.
We spent the night in the most beautiful field with a little stream running along the edge of it and some little slopes for the boys to graze on.

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