Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Custom Pack Rigging

Dino and I would like to say an enormous special thanks to Custom Pack Rigging, whose saddle was donated to the Long Riders' Guild for trial purposes and we were able to use.

Custom Pack Rigging are a Canadian company that specialises in all aspects of packhorse equipment and has - thankfully - designed a saddle that is fully adjustable and can therefore be made to fit any horse, pony (okay, not one as small as Dazzy), donkey, mule
and, as I have heard, even camels and cattle. Of course I also changed the width for Dino as he first lost weight and then put it on again with all the good grass we found on the way. We were really happy to use it as it made packing so easy. I always knew exactly where things were in the boxes, which are 100% waterproof, couldn't rub Dino's sides and were very durable even when they did get banged around. Again they were one of those things we would not have liked to go without and which made our whole journey that bit easier. They were especially good for me travelling alone without any help to pack up horses and keep organised.

Many thanks and thanks to the Long Riders' Guild for allowing us to do the first part of the trial!


  1. Thanks for the insights.Hope that we can also have the trial packages to know it's effectiveness and if it comforts the need of my favorite horse name Grano.

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