Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Navigation becoming oh so easy

With this little device, we have received a new quality of life as far as travelling is concerned! I spent ages wondering whether best to get maps or to get an outdoor GPS and just carry an additional large scale map and compass for emergencies. The fact that I would have needed over 70 (!) 1:50,000 maps for the planned journey, which would have worked out very expensive and logistically complicated, eventually convinced me. Why on earth did I ever doubt what would be best?!
Satmap was so kind as to partly sponsor me with this wonderful unit that seems to be far superior to anything else presently available in the market! THANK YOU!
I have now tested it on two weekends for about 40 hours and done over 100 miles with it perfectly guiding me along the pre-planned routes - which are dead simple to plan in google maps and then transfer to the GPS.
Don't get me wrong - I love map reading and hardly ever get lost with one, but it is fantastic to know without a doubt what your position is and where to go!
I'll let you know more about GPS technology and how we get on with it after using it for a while longer.
If you wonder about batteries - it has a good battery life and we'll be carrying a solar charger on the way, so it shouldn't be a problem. Now we just need to hope for some sun to actually get the electricity generated...

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