Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Great day out

Dazzy: "My Team and I went for a couple of great walks at the weekend. We did about 20 miles on Saturday and 23 on Sunday and still felt soooooo fit afterwards. My Mum always gives us loads of tasty food and we get even more when we go for our walks.

I just love that! Hmmm, tasty muesli with loads of oats.

Have you noticed I'm probably the first slim Shetland Pony you've ever seen? I don't know why. Mum gives me loads of food - a lot more than my friend Dino, which he doesn't like very much when I go on happily munching long after he's finished his. :o)

Have you seen our boots, too? Artax has got these stylish red ones and Dino and I have got black. I wish they still made red boots so I could have some, too! Or maybe better blue for boys. Sometimes people mistake me for a girl because I've got such long hair! I definitely need blue shoes!

You know what's really funny? When we go out for our walks, we often meet people along the way who have never seen a horse in shoes before. They just stand there staring at us and say in a completely incredulous voice: `That horse is wearing shoes!´ Oh dear, I hope they get used to the sight soon..."

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